Ethernaut CTF

Ethernaut CTF

What is open and permissionless is not always secure. Do you have what it takes to secure first place?


First place

$4837 total value

  • $3337 USDT / USDC
  • 3-month Defender Pro tier subscription

Second place

$3337 total value

  • $2337 USDT / USDC
  • 2-month Defender Pro tier subscription

Third place

$1837 total value

  • $1337 USDT / USDC
  • 1-month Defender Pro tier subscription

Top 10

  • OpenZeppelin swag (t-shirt + stickers + cup)


  • There is no team size limit.
  • Do not share or post any flags, hints or solutions publicly during the CTF.
  • Attacking event infrastructure (DoS / DDoS) is strictly prohibited.
  • Cross-team collaboration is not allowed. Do not discuss challenges with members from other teams.
  • Report all rule violations and infrastructure issues/vulnerabilities to the admins ASAP. Any violation of these rules will result in your team being disqualified.
  • OpenZeppelin reserves the right to disqualify a team if suspected for breaking the rules.